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What people are saying about SaveNishabd

A genuine crowdfunding platform that actually works!

Crowdfunding was the perfect solution for my sleepless nights as I used to see a dog near my home that needed attention as she was having multiple tumors on her back. So I wanted to do something for her. With the help of SaveNishabd, we raised funds for her treatment which included a blood test, doctor visit, and stay and surgery expenses. From my experience, I think SavenNishabd is doing a phenomenal job in helping people raised funds for these poor animals that usually get help from nowhere.

Aparna Negi

SaveNishabd is great platform to uplift lives of stray dogs

I cannot speak highly enough about the ease of process with which I could raise funds that saved a stray dog’s life in my locality. The dog was a victim of a road accident that paralyzed her legs and there was a deep wound on her back, so I took it upon myself to get her treated. With the help of Nishabd not only I could raise funds on time but I also got advice from their team as what should be done about it. I truly thank them for their initiative of helping animals in pain and distress

Jagdish Chauhan

Thank you for being a helping hand in saving a dog

In our experience, we can say that SaveNishabd works meticulously to create awareness for helpless dogs that have been ignored in our community. We found a dog on the street that was crying from a broken leg. Thanks to them, I could raise funds for the dog on time and was able to save his life. There were also very compassionate and organized in handling the whole matter. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to raise funds for a cause to start their initiative on the platform of SaveNishabd

Rohit Sardana, Delhi