ABOUT SAVENISABD – India’s First Crowdfunding Platform for Dogs

Alone, we can do so little together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Have you wondered what it’s like to spend the day in the shoes, or more correctly, paws, of a stray animal? It’s ROUGH out there. India’s streets are home to over 35 million stray dogs, a number that’s grown by 17 percent since 2016. They spend lives mostly scavenging for food, fighting diseases, and surviving in the hazardous environment around them. Almost 80% of stray puppies die within a week or month due to hunger, cold, and crushed under vehicles. The remaining 20% hardly cross the age of two years due to lack of nutrition and ailments. SaveNishabd – India’s first crowdfunding platform for dogs is exclusively available for raising funds for the voiceless strays. It is a revolutionary one-stop place where animal lovers can make their voices heard and get fellow animal lovers to donate, so no animal is left unattended because of lack of funds. We at SaveNishabd believe that with every small amount of money contributed by benevolent individuals, saving and nurturing a life of a stray becomes easier. Let’s work towards improving the living conditions of stray and abandoned dogs by providing them with quality medical treatment. Together let’s inspire the citizens of our country to be sensitive towards the strays and act as change-makers in the society to provide a positive environment to the homeless dogs residing on the streets.

What people are saying about SaveNishabd

A genuine crowdfunding platform that actually works!

Crowdfunding was the perfect solution for my sleepless nights as I used to see a dog near my home that needed attention as she was having multiple tumors on her back. So I wanted to do something for her. With the help of SaveNishabd, we raised funds for her treatment which included a blood test, doctor visit, and stay and surgery expenses. From my experience, I think SavenNishabd is doing a phenomenal job in helping people raised funds for these poor animals that usually get help from nowhere.

Aparna Negi

SaveNishabd is great platform to uplift lives of stray dogs

I cannot speak highly enough about the ease of process with which I could raise funds that saved a stray dog’s life in my locality. The dog was a victim of a road accident that paralyzed her legs and there was a deep wound on her back, so I took it upon myself to get her treated. With the help of Nishabd not only I could raise funds on time but I also got advice from their team as what should be done about it. I truly thank them for their initiative of helping animals in pain and distress

Jagdish Chauhan

Thank you for being a helping hand in saving a dog

In our experience, we can say that SaveNishabd works meticulously to create awareness for helpless dogs that have been ignored in our community. We found a dog on the street that was crying from a broken leg. Thanks to them, I could raise funds for the dog on time and was able to save his life. There were also very compassionate and organized in handling the whole matter. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to raise funds for a cause to start their initiative on the platform of SaveNishabd

Rohit Sardana, Delhi