Medicine, food and Shelter construction work

by Tom_123

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Right from my childhood I was dedicated to serving abandoned kittens and dogs by sheltering them at my home. Gradually I realised that animals are bound to live a distressed and painful life that was largely ignored by people. As a result they die because of the unpaid attention. As a child I wished to give them a home and treatment, which they desperately needed. As an adult, I continued with my work alongside my studies and job. Eventually, I started this NGO giving my full time. Initially I had no place to give them shelter, so I used to treat and feed them at their location. Today, I have space to accommodate 200 animals at my shelter. But I need funds to make this place livable for animals. I even have to pay the bills for the construction I have got done. In this regard, I sincerely urge everyone to support me in this cause. Their life depends on your generosity; please don’t let them suffer because of a lack of funds.


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