Need funds badly for Mass Sterilization in Howrah

by Pawsomehowrah_21

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We are the PAWSOME HOWRAH ANIMAL LOVER’S GROUP, trying to Raise Funds for The Mass Sterilization of Stray Dogs in Howrah. As it is well known to the animal lovers of Howrah, that there is no infrastructure for the treatment or Sterilization medical pack for stray animals in Howrah, also there is no suitable veterinary hospital in Howrah too. HOWRAH MUNICIPAL CORPORATION does nothing for those poor souls. But it is a common conflict, if the number of stray animals increases more cruelty will increase on them. So we took the responsibility of sterilization of Sterilization of stray dogs by sending them to Mother’s Heart ngo, where the cost of Dog sterilization is 1800 Rs. Mostly we do this from our own group members fund and other funds come from various fundraising posts made by us on different platforms. But we need the fund very badly to do the mass sterilization.


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