Support Stray Cows & Dogs this summer with drinking water

by Rachita Vishwakarma

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Water is “NOT” just a human right” it’s every “ANIMAL” right too. So this summer let’s pledge to provide water to ALL animals big and small! We have been taking care of stray animals for the past 2 years in our area and neighboring areas. We rescue, help in adoptions, vaccinate, sterilize, feed stray dogs  & Cows in sectors 76 & 75 Noida. Every summer we see many cows and dogs dying of dehydration, drinking water is a necessity for all beings. We have pledged to provide drinking water to all the strays around our area but if we get your support we can extend this to other areas and sectors too. We are reaching out to all of you to please come and support us on a monthly basis as the water tanker charges us Rs 500 per day to fill up these water bowls we have arranged for the strays, it is a recurring cost we incur every month and hence looking for donors who could support us in this monthly. Even a pledge at your end of Rs 500 a month will mean a lot to these strays.

We also feed more than 130 dogs daily in Sector 75, 76 and 50 , we are sure we all can give up once a month swiggy/zomato order for a month’s food for one stray

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 390 May 03, 2022
500 March 24, 2022
Anonymous 500 March 24, 2022
1 March 24, 2022
3,000 March 05, 2022
Anonymous 500 March 05, 2022
2,000 March 05, 2022
5,000 March 05, 2022
2,000 March 04, 2022


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